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Car Fuse Box Guide - span class news dt jan 27 2018 span nbsp 0183 32 when you have a bad temper people say you have a short fuse in the world of automotive electrical ponents a short fuse could mean a mini atc technically atm gma or even an aga style fuse if you are not a regular in the automotive fuse section at your local napa store you are probably continue reading know how notes automotive fuse guide span class news dt jul 20 2016 span nbsp 0183 32 car fuses do this by breaking themselves a car fuse allows current to flow through it until the current rises higher than the weakest electrical ponent in the circuit can handle the conductive wire or plate in the fuse is is designed to melt before the current in the circuit hits an unsafe level whether your car has one fuse box or two it will have one underneath the dashboard it is usually located just in front of your left knee if you re sitting in the driver.
s seat we re mend using your hand to replace the fuse as it will take much longer using your knee the fuses will be hidden behind a plastic cover but it s usually marked the fuse box has a led light indicator that will illuminate and let you know what s going on convenient design the 12 way fuse box with ground can be connected to each individual part so you can have everything covered consequently the fuse used for this cable fuse 1 will be of a higher rating than fuses 2 5 see below for selecting a fuse rating each of the four circuits supplying the loads are then fused individually in the fuse box at the beginning of each circuit and before the switches this is important because if a section of cable shorts to a fuse box also known as a fuse panel organizes all of the car s fuses in one area for easy access your car s fuse box holds a variety of fuses with different ratings and.
most likely several relays it is located under the hood in the engine bay typically somewhere easy to get to that is less likely to be damaged in a collision blade fuses are sometimes physically difficult to pull out but most vehicles e with a fuse puller tool that is located inside one of the fuse boxes or attached to a fuse box lid although it is fairly easy for a practiced eye to identify car fuses on sight you can also look at a visual guide to help determine which type of fuse you need to if you are the type who loves blasting music through the car radio pimping the exterior using led lights and adding other modern features to an old vehicle you ve got to start looking for a new fuse box that can handle the upgraded electrical requirements a fuse box is easy to recognize and replacing burned out fuses is a fairly simple matter changing a fuse is much cheaper than paying for new equipment.
or repairs that you don t need even if you chicken out and have an automotive technician do it so take a few minutes to find your fuse boxes these are known as sfe fuses as they were designed by the society of fuse engineers to prevent the insertion of a grossly inadequate or unsafe fuse into the vehicle s fuse panel these sfe fuses all have a 1 4 inch diameter and the length varies according to the rating of the fuse
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